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Who collects my parcel?

wnDirect has a dedicated collection network, through a partnership with Menzies, who collect items from our retail partners' nominated warehouse at the agreed time.

Can I choose the time of my collection?

We do our utmost to provide flexibility on collection time. However, the collection time will also be determined by a retailer's location as we need to ensure there is adequate time to process the items and meet the vehicle / flight schedule for onward delivery.

Do you collect from anywhere in the UK?

Parcels can be collected from anywhere in the UK.

What do wnDirect do?

wnDirect are eCommerce delivery experts; helping growing businesses to achieve international eCommerce success.

Founded by retailers for retailers.

Our distribution solution is faster than mail & cheaper than express; lifting traditional barriers to international trade. wnDirect invests in cutting edge technology and partnerships to make cross border trade seamless. Our innovative solutions support retailers to successfully overcome the complexities of cross border trade, quickly, easily and reliably.

How long have you been established?

wnDirect was established November 2011.

How big is your company?

wnDirect has experienced significant growth since launch and we currently have around 95 employees. wnDirect will uses our success to continue to invest in the team, the added value services it offers as well as the number of delivery destinations. In 2017, Geopost took full ownership of wnDirect and we are now part of the DPDGroup.

How do I pack my parcels?

Parcels should be well secured and packed in boxes or bags. It is recommended that time and attention is taken with regards packing and that any delicate or fragile items are well protected.

How do I produce a label?

wnDirect works with delivery partner Metapack to produce labels for final mile delivery. Metapack provides carrier management, data integration and label printing services. As a Metapack partner we will automatically be integrated with Metapack's customers. Once the service has been set-up you will be able to print the relevant labels from the Metapack platform and specify us as a carrier.

For non-Metapack customers we provide a label specification at account set-up which will enable you to generate packing labels using your own systems. In these instances, once your parcel arrives at the wnDirect processing centre this label may be replaced with either a wnDirect generic label or with one that meets individual country requirements.

How do I book a delivery?

Upon account set up, wnDirect works with all customers to secure a dedicated and regular collection time convenient to both parties. wnDirect can support a daily or weekly service (depending on volume).

What countries do you send to?

wnDirect PRONTO delivers parcels to all major eCommerce destinations, and wnDirect GO has global coverage. Contact us to find out more.

How long do deliveries take - go through journey of process from day 0?

For wnDirect GO, on average it is:

  • Europe: 4 - 12 transit days on average
  • Rest of World: 6 - 16 transit days on average

For wnDirect PRONTO, on average it is:

  • Europe: 3 - 5 transit days on average
  • Rest of World: 6 - 10 transit days on average

Actual weight limit?

For wnDirect GO it's up to 2kg, and for wnDirect PRONTO it's 30kgs

Size and volume limits?

For wnDirect GO, the maximum parcel size boxable is = 353mm x 250mm x 30 ; and non boxable: L = max 600mm + L+W+H no more than 900mm

For wnDirect PRONTO maximum parcel cube we accept is 40x40x40cm (64000cm3). Any one side can be up to 100cm in length, but cannot exceed this.

Am I charged on actual weight or volumetric weight?

We charge on actual weight.

Do we send dangerous/hazardous goods?


Do I have to pay duties and taxes?

wnDirect pre pays all duties and taxes while the parcels are being transported to destinations where Customs Duty is applicable. The wnDirect solution also pre-advises Customs of items due to arrive, which often reduces any potential delays.

How do you deal with customs requirements?

wnDirect works with each of the country's individual requirements and provide solutions that will support their Customs processes. Customs process can prove to be difficult therefore wnDirect works very closely with each country to ensure the right option is provided. wnDirect provides a number of solution options to suit various Customs requirements. One of the most commonly used options is the Consumer Duty Paid option whereby each parcel is held in the wnDirect warehouse until the consumer pays the duty and/or produces the appropriate identification as required by the country Customs process. For a summary of this solution, please watch our video in the Expertise section of this website.

What is an over and an under?

The phrases 'over' and 'under' refer to whether an item requires Duty to be paid or not. Specifically an 'over' is an item with a value over the duty threshold and therefore Duty would be due, and an 'under' is one with a value below the duty threshold and therefore does not require duty to be paid.

The Duty threshold varies by country. For example, in the USA an 'over' is an item with a value over $200 and in Russia €200.

These different customs clearance processes can be a headache, however wnDirect takes care of this to ensure your parcels clear customs smoothly.

What is an HTS code?

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code is used to classify goods. It is also known as Schedule B or Harmonized Code Classification Numbers in the US.

The World Customs Organization introduced HTS code in 1988 to simplify importing and exporting of goods worldwide. There are approximately 17,000 HTS codes. Goods are classified based on their raw material, type of construction, and how they will be used.

What is a SKU List?

SKU refers to a stock-keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business.

During in country customs clearance is there a chance my parcel will be held?

wnDirect works closely with all retail partners to gain all the necessary relevant information to clear Customs in each destination we operate. wnDirect also pre-advises and pre-pays all duties and taxes on behalf of the retailer while the goods are in transit, helping to reduce the chance they will be held. Random spot checks do occur on occasion, and we do everything possible to expedite the goods for onward delivery and keep the retailer informed of progress.

Who delivers the parcel?

wnDirect partners with best-in-class final mile carriers who deliver the item to the customer. E.g.: In the USA we work with Newgistics and USPS and in Australia, Aus Post.

Who delivers the parcels into the country?

wnDirect partners with approved and trusted local carriers in each of our destination countries (who possess valuable local insight and knowledge) to ensure the timely delivery of items.

How much does it cost?

wnDirect's rates rates are determined by a number of different variables: volume and weight of items being sent, the destination country, UK collection address and which returns procedure is being used, so it is difficult to give an exact figure. However, indicative rates to some key destinations, for an assumption of 100 parcels, excluding collection (for apparel goods of 1kg) are listed below:

USA - £8.95
Australia - £9.40
Germany - £3.95

How can I track my parcel?

Each parcel that is shipped can be tracked through the wnDirect website or via in-country partners track and trace systems. Once the parcels arrive in-country retailers will receive an email notification, including a unique tracking parcel number, and a link to the in-country partner track and trace system. Through either tracking sites, retailers will get full end to end visibility of all the key events throughout the end to end journey of the parcel, starting from the point your parcels are shipped right through to end delivery.

How do you charge?

wnDirect invoices monthly, with a typical 30 day payment term.

What are your payment terms?

wnDirect's payment terms are 30 days after invoice.

Are my goods insured?

No. You have to be FSA regulated to offer insurance. However for all parcels delivered by wnDirect we will accept liability up to the lessor of cost or £50 per parcel or £1,000 per consignment.

It is recommended that retailers secure additional insurance to cover goods in transit.

What if you don't ship to my country?

wnDirect is constantly working on the development of new destinations, so if the country you wish to ship to isn't currently available, please let us know as we use feedback to inform our business development. We also publish details of new destinations on our website. Details of which will be communicated via our company LinkedIn page and regular newsletter. Click here to sign up.

Do you have a returns process?

wnDirect provides an in-country collation and line haul returns solution for parcels which need to be returned to the retailer. Returns are classified as "unwanted" returns i.e. End consumer no longer requires the products and wishes to return that back to the retailer or "undeliverable" returns i.e the parcel cannot be delivered by the carrier for a variety of reasons. For the "unwanted" returns we provide a branded on-line returns portal, which will have a variety of self-service consumer return options. Using this process the consumer can pick and choose which items they wish to return and will be able to select the appropriate self-service returns options that suit their needs.

What are your t&c's?

You can read our full terms and conditions here.

Who looks after my account

wnDirect has a dedicated team of Key Account Managers who provide a single point of contact for the retailers as well as all relevant departments within wnDirect.