A Benefit of Extending Black Friday

Nov 25, 2019

We know it’s coming; you know it’s coming; the world knows it’s coming… the biggest retail weekend of the year, Black Friday! Starting on Friday 29th November, but are you ready?

With higher sales than Boxing Day, year on year; Black Friday started in America but has gradually travelled across the pond to the rest of Europe, with UK sales peaking in 2017. Giving consumers a chance to nab some pre-Christmas deals, UK shoppers are intended to spend an average of £240 during the weekend.

Whilst UK sales are expected to be high this year, in 2018 we saw a decline when compared to 2017’s sales. It is believed this is due to the transition from 24-hour-sales, to month-long-sales.

Thanks to the likes of Amazon and Argos, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are no longer confined to the weekend. Retailers are increasingly extending sales and advertising earlier in an aim to attract more customers before the rush of the official Black Friday. Reflecting on previous years, we have noticed that extending sales can relieve pressure, by mitigating bottlenecks and distributing volumes on networks. The benefit of this is, it can reduce delays, in turn, raising customer happiness.

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