Single's Day is Approaching

Nov 07, 2019

Single’s day is just around the corner, are you ready?

Taking place on 11th November and arguably bigger than Black Friday, Single's day is a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day. Originating in China and stemming from the symbolism of four 1’s (11/11), it is a great opportunity for retailers to capitalise on the festivities, and join the massive, worldwide sale!

Alibaba started the trend in 2009, marketing it as a chance for the singletons to treat themselves, with the biggest sale of the year! The sales begin at midnight on 11th November, lasting 24 hours. Even though that doesn’t seem like a long time to have a sale, in 2018, Alibaba sold £1 billion of goods; each hour! (That’s £24 billion total!)

It is forecasted that this year, Alibaba will generate almost £30 billion, and in the UK, sales alone will hit £1.3 billion. We think this is a perfect opportunity for eCommerce retailers around the world to take advantage of this and introduce themselves to Chinese consumers.

If you’re thinking “well, how can I make my products and website appeal to a Chinese audience?” don’t worry about it; Chinese consumers love western brands! Not only for the name, but it is a common belief among Chinese consumers that western-made brands are good quality. The discount is always a benefit too!

wnDirect are continually looking at the results and trends of well-known sales / holidays, so keep an eye out for a future blog, analysing what went on and how it went!

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